First, you’ll experience the Alpha brainwave state, where you’ll become relaxed and aware. Imagine your mind wandering as if you’re in a daydream.

Next, you’ll reach the Theta state, where you’ll enter a hypnotic trance – a deep and relaxed state of consciousness. You may even experience Lucid Dreaming – a state in which you’re aware of the dream as it’s progressing. Just a half hour a day in this state can replace up to four hours’ worth of sleep.

Finally, you’ll achieve the Delta state, the lowest of all meditation frequencies. Here, you’ll meditate at the most profound level, much like entering a deep, dreamless sleep.

Discover the benefits of Serenity. Eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Discover a sense of total clarity and harmony with your surroundings. Experience a heightened mood…feel yourself becoming more peaceful as the world around you grows brighter and more beautiful…