About Us

Meditation Solution is a website designed by the Hypnotic Yogi Research Institute and founded by Alex Mitrovic. Our group has seen the need for people to come together and focus their minds on the solution to their daily stresses. The inability to focus can cause so many problems in our lives and the simplest solution often turns out to be the best answer. This is what brought us to see the need for a method which could help people to become calm and centered in their lives. We sought to offer this to others in a simple and convenient way and this was the reason for meditationsolution.com.

Alex has worked with the Hypnotic Research Institute for years and specifically on his meditation solution. He knows that Serenity will have you meditating at profoundly deep levels, just like a Yogi. It will have you experiencing those levels which are only experienced by advanced practitioners that have been training for years. Many people have tried meditation to relax, with mixed results. Obstacles have arisen for them in terms of both the time and dedication that is demanded by the practice. At Hypnotic Research Institute, the method we provide will give you guaranteed results and help you avoid the frustrations that come with other more difficult techniques. It will change your life!