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You are only minutes away from learning a secret about meditation that will bring
clarity, peace and focus to your life.

Serenity – A guide to meditation

As we all know, meditation is no secret. Still, finding a way to focus your mind each day and become devoted to the practice of meditation is often very difficult. The secret of the Hypnotic Yogi Research Institute Serenity is its unique use of audio frequencies to put the mind in a meditative state. Our services now make these audio frequencies easily available to anyone with an interest in finding more peace and clarity in their lives.

Guided Meditation – Introduction to Serenity

Here is how meditation helped my neighbor

Many years ago I was collecting my mail when I got chatting with a neighbor. She had a bad day at work and just needed someone to hear her problems.After a few minutes of learning about the stresses of peak-hour traffic, problem co-workers and tight deadlines my neighbor then took a deep breath and asked “Why are you always so calm? Why are you never flustered? Frustrated? Or worn out?” she asked.She said she had never seen me lose my temper and I was always friendly and patient.“It’s a secret,” I said.My neighbor looked disappointed before I continued.

“It’s meditation,” I explained.She laughed before saying that it wasn’t much of a secret and she had tried meditation, but the problems wouldn’t go away and there was never enough time in the day to do it properly.“But I have Serenity,” I replied.She listened to what I had to say about Serenity, and its use of audio frequency to accelerate the mind’s change into a meditative state.

She was skeptical but that short conversation changed my neighbor’s life. The Serenity methods of meditation made her calmer and achieve more focus. She still deals with peak-hour traffic, problem co-workers and tight deadlines, but now they are problems she can handle.Late last year that same neighbor came knocking to tell me that she had just had a conversation much like the one we had all those years ago. She gave the same advice and her friend wanted to find out more about Serenity.

Serenity Lite

Meditators spend many years learning meditation techniques. Now, you can discover the same techniques with Serenity Lite. Serenity will ease your mind into a deep, relaxing meditation.

Eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression. Discover a sense of total clarity and harmony with your surroundings. Experience a heightened mood… feel yourself becoming more peaceful as the world around you grows brighter and more beautiful…

Insight – The Secret To Creativity and Problem Solving!

Have you ever felt confused by a problem?…or do you need inspiration?

Insight can help you to free your mind and let it go into a super learning state…where you can think like a genius!